Toyota Hilux - 4 Runner SURF CLUTCH KIT Diesel 1KZ Turbo tyk26007

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Toyota Hilux - 4 Runner SURF CLUTCH KIT Diesel 1KZ Turbo

Any Year & Onwards

Size x Spline O.D x No of Teeth 260 x 29.8 x 21

MODEL Specifications 3.0Ltr. 1KZ Turbo

NOTE: 260mm Clutch, To suit Solid Flywheel   

OE Replacement Kit TYK26007N/ht2604                                                                 399


















We source components from major international OE manufacturers

Asco, NKK, Seco, Valeo, LUK, Daiken, Exedy, Sachs, Paraut, Excel ,Hardcore Clutch.


All our clutches are manufactured to a TOTAL QUALITY standard.

 They adhere to the highest specifications... These quality standards guarantee that all our clutches are:


Approx 20% heavier in clamp load the OE specs


RELIABILITY 100% new & tested

You can be sure of reliability and dependability because every clutch kit is covered by a full, 12 month 20,000 km manufacturers warranty



EFFICIENCY a smoother, comfortable ride

Investing in constant research and development to reduce noise and vibration and enhance driver comfort through better gear changes.


PROTECTION Designed for driver power & heat resistance

Our clutches accommodate modern torque requirements and perform in the most hostile operating environments.


All Clutch kit  components supplied are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standard.

Providing quality replacement Clutch kit components that meet or exceed ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT   standards.



We specialize in Custom Clutch applications

Conversions and   high performance clutch systems.

Enquiries please email us at 



Sunbury Brakes Hardcore Clutch

03 97443438




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