Holden Commodore HEAVY DUTY CLUTCH KIT STAGE 2 Cushion Button V8 VR VS 8/1994 to 5/1997 h1144ncb

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Holden Commodore Clutch kit V8 Stage2 Cussion Button

suit Models VR VS 5.0 litre 8/1994 to 5/1997

(cable operated T5 Trans)



Kit Contains

Cover assembly Driven plate Thrust Bearing.



Please Note:

Please note : OEM VR & VS v8 Models have a 283 mm PCD Flywheel.

These models have a diffrent flywheel to early V8 Holdens 
and the Clutch kits are not interchangable ..
If your vehicle has been retro fitted with an early flywheel 

(295mm PCD) Refer to VN VP V8 clutch kit.

STAGE 2  Dual Friction

Dual Friction Cushion Button sprung centre clutch plate .

Motorsport Bronze/Ceramo  Flywheel side , adds approx 50% to the Torque Holding capacity

&  Organic friction material on the Cover side






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