Ford Falcon SLOTTED BRAKE DISCS front EA EB ED 1988 to 1994 NO ABS DR110sx2

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Ford Falcon SLOTTED BRAKE DISCS front EA EB ED Models 1988 to 1994 NO ABS  DR110s

287mm Dia Ventilated discs , 70mm offset (Hub Type)



Slotted Brake Discs

Want better braking performance?Want enhanced brake safety?Want to improve the look of your alloy wheels?Want all this without costing an arm and a leg?Increased dissipation of water, dust and road grime from the contact area of your braking system.Improved integrity of the pad and rotor surface, through deglazing of the contact area.Directional slotting surface also combats “out-gassing” which is caused by gas from the brake pad bonding agent forming a cushion between your pad and rotor and thereby reducing pad “bite”.All RDA Brake Rotors & Drums are covered under our extensive 12 months 20,000 km replacement warranty. (Excludes Motorsport Applications )


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